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Final Project

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

For my final project, I chose to improve the timeline in a technical manner.  My original group was in charge of finding dates that belong in the Print & Predecessors section and some of those dates were in B.C. and the timeline program was not originally written to accept those B.C. dates.  Consequently, our group had to place all of these dates on 100 A.D. for the time being.  Eventually a fix was discovered and for my project, I thought I should work with the division of digital learning and technologies to move all of those dates to there proper place in B.C.  I ran into some complications because at first, it would only move the dates with four digits so dates like 270 B.C. and 15,000 would not show up on the timeline.  I worked with one of the members and we were able to fix the issue with the 3-digit dates, but were not able to fix the dates with five digits.  I was able to move all the those dates, but the four that were five digits are still on 100 A.D. because we were not able to find a fix.  I thought this was a good project because it would help improve the accuracy of the timeline regarding the print and predecessors entries.


Saturday, December 10th, 2011

I really enjoyed this week’s readings and thought they related well to what we talked about for the entire semester.  They both dealt with the internet and means of communication, but in different ways, and the most interesting I think was the second article.  Here, a survey was conducted to test different age group’s proficiency with internet tasks such as finding a tax form, or events in the community.  For me, it confirmed one of our class suspicions throughout the semester regarding the age and skill of people who could complete a task on the internet.  The younger the person, the more successful they were in completing the task which I thought would always be the case.  Also, those in the 30-40 age range were quite successful which makes sense because they are most likely to be in the working world.  One suprising fact, however, was that those who were in college were less successful than those in graduate school.  The article claims it is because those in graduate school are more focused, which was strange to me because I feel like college students are just as likely to find information easily on the internet.  The final interesting note is that one of the questions asked the surveyers to find two candidates views on a topic and they struggled.  This shows that when doing a basic search for things on the internet, most people struggle when they are asked to find and compare two different things.  This relates to a discussion we had one day, where now, when people do not immediately find someting on the internet, they assume it is not there which is obviously not the case.  I enjoyed this article because it confirmed most of the questions regarding internet usage our class had during the semester.

Final Project

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

For our final project, we have to find some way to update the timeline that we started at the beginning of the semester.  This has developed a lot over the semester and just needs a few touch ups to be complete.  I was in the timeline group that was in charge of finding dates for the topic of print and its predecessors and this involved many dates in the B.C. period.  When I originally put these dates on the timeline, I was unable to put them in the B.C. period, due to technical issues.  For my final timeline improvement project, I chose to move all of those dates into B.C. times because these technical issues have been fixed.  This is an important fix to the timeline because, originally, all of the B.C. dates were on the year 100.  This issue of accuracy is incredibly important in the timeline and it will help make this project more credible.